1:00 - 7:30 PM
    Valo Park - Tysons Corner

    7950 Jones Branch Dr, McLean, VA 22102



    Keynote | Maria Lewis Kussmaul

    Panel 1: Cyber Startups - Pathways to Success

    Panel 2: Selling Cyber to the Enterprise

    Cyber Tank Pitch Competition




  • 2020 Speakers and Panelists

    Maria Lewis Kussmaul

    Co-Founder, AGC Partners


    Jeff Bathurst

    Director, SC&H Group

    Panel Moderator

    Yong-Gon Chon

    Co-Founder, GROCYBER

    Cyber Tank Moderator

    Michael Denning

    Principal, Blu Venture Investors

    Cyber Tank Judge

    Ron Gula

    President, Gula Tech Adventures

    Cyber Tank Judge

    Rick Howard

    CSO, Palo Alto Networks


    Merritt Maxim

    VP - Research Director, Forrester

    Panel Moderator

    Mathew Newfield

    CISO, Unisys

    Cyber Tank Judge

    Henry Praw

    VP Technical Operations - CISO, OpenTable

    Cyber Tank Judge

    Niloo Razi Howe

    Senior Operating Partner, Energy Impact Partners

    Cyber Tank Judge

    Adam Rogas

    CEO, NS8


    Roselle Safran

    Entrepreneur in Residence, Lytical Ventures


    Bryan Sartin

    Executive Director - Global Security Services, Verizon


    Neill Sciarrone

    Co-Founder and President, Trinity Cyber


    Michael Sutton

    Principal, Blu Venture Investors


    Paul Hamman

    SVP Cyber Security - Truist

    Cyber Tank Judge

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  • About the Summit

    Apply to Cyber Tank

    Are you a cybersecurity entrepreneur? Apply to Cyber Tank, a national pitch competition for startups with the top three finalists presenting in front of a panel of CISO judges from YouTube, OpenTable, and Unisys as well as VC judges from Gula Tech Adventures, and Blu Ventures; moderated by GROCYBER's Yong-Gon Chon.


    Sharing Deep Cyber Expertise

    The Summit brings together investors, entrepreneurs, and business professionals in the cyber community for a content-rich afternoon that generates professional relationships, builds new business, and guarantees a strong presence with our audience of investors and entrepreneurs.


    Prior events focused on successful exits, M&A activity, and market trends from experts in the field, including Maria Kussmaul and General (Ret.) Keith Alexander.

    Corporate Sponsorship

    The Summit provides an opportunity for Corporate Sponsors to meet entrepreneurs in the cybersecurity space whose businesses are primed to grow and in need of service partners.




    For sponsorship inquiries, please contact Matt Gittleman (mgittleman@bluventures.com).



  • About Blu Venture Investors

    Blu Venture Investors (BVI) is a venture capital firm that supports early stage companies primarily in the Mid-Atlantic region. We make venture capital and private equity investments in early stage companies, and typically invest $500k-1M in a single round. Our goal is a successful exit in 3 to 5 years.


    BVI invests in seed stage cybersecurity companies. The firm has a portfolio of 24 companies and typically invests $50k-$250K in 5 to 10 companies per year. Ideal portfolio companies have management teams with deep cyber domain expertise, a product in a defensible and defined market space, and several customers/revenues. They are also committed to an exit for the seed investors in 3 to 5 years.


  • Previous Speakers and Panelists

    Maria Lewis Kussmaul

    AGC Partners

    Serge Leef


    Michael Denning

    Blu Venture Investors

    Yanek Korff


    Randy Caldejon

    CounterFlow AI

    Michael Sutton

    Blu Venture Investors

    Jason Syversen

    Siege Technologies

    Aaron Perry


    Yong-Gon Chon

    Portfolio Cyber, LLC

    Rick Howard

    Palo Alto Networks

    Paul Klick

    The McLean Group

    General (Ret.) Keith Alexander

    IronNet Cybersecurity

    Frank Marsala


    Steven Chen

    Blu Venture Investors

    Ron Gula

    Gula Tech Adventures